Saturday 24 January 2009

About Citizens and Neighbours

Welcome to Britain's online freedom resources blog.
Our shared antagonist is an over-mighty and impertinent government along with its supporters and cheerleaders in the media and academia.

What is Citizens and Neighbours?
CAN is a place where people who struggle against excessive and untraditional authority can find information:

# information about others who are concerned about how our country, our continent and our world are being changed
# information about who is in charge of foolish or malicious attacks on our freedom and against our other traditional rights, and information about how to find them and tell them they are doing wrong
# information about who also is resisting the destruction that wrong-headed politicians and officials are doing
# information about resources that they can use to protect their own, and our own, free way of life
# information about the course of campaigning– its successes and failures and warnings of governmental foolishness to come

CAN is also intended to be a place where people of varied backgrounds and interests can find out that far from being alone they are in fact part of a large majority of folk who do not like what is being done to Britain and its institutions.
I hope that this blog’s visitors will contact people in other specialized campaigns and see if they can find common cause; pool time, resources, and manpower.

This blog publicizes campaigns, ideas, freedom-loving and traditional organisations and people, but it does not necessarily endorse the activities, opinions or candidates of any of the organisations that it lists.

The tone of the blog is intended to be upbeat, cheerful and in the spirit of 'can do'!

Please comment and offer ideas and suggestions, or point out errors and send links to groups and campaigns you believe are aimed in preserving the best of
Can do.


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  1. Good luck with the blog. I thought your profile uplifting but do be careful with regard to your employment. Sad to have to mention that.

  2. Welcome Old Rightie, and thanks.

    Got to say I'm a small blue needle ina big public sectoor haystack - one 600,000 larger, they say, since New labour got in

    So either they'll have a job finding me, or they'll set GCHQ, Common Purpose/Illuminati librarians, or Giant Lizard Intelligence on me, and in that case I'm scuppered.

    So, any campaigns and campaigners I've missed that need to be on here?

    I have only just begun, you know.


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