Sunday 25 January 2009


Some – rather special – individuals can’t quite seem to see the world as it really is.

Not for them the explanations of life’s miseries and disappointments that most of us accept and learn to deal with.

For them, our over-mighty government does not consist of fallible, gullible, and occasionally corrupt people which is why our country gets fouled up by human nature and the underlying structures of our institutions such as party politics and incomplete separation of powers. No – for these special ones it has to be have been messed up on purpose.

Their own ambitions, when frustrated, haven’t been dashed because of their own circumstances and actions: they don’t have the film-star on their arm or the big house or the multitudes of adoring followers willing to obey their master’s every whim, or the richly paid job because, say, they daydreamed through twelve years of schooling or they rarely change their underclothes or they wear knitted ties under tank-tops or have a laugh that sounds like two dogs…or because train sets just aren’t all that rock and roll.

They look at the world and their caffeine-rich, spaced-out, low blood-sugar brains construct elaborate explanations for its messed-upness that suggest there are werewolves in the grounds of the old Delaney Mansion or that zombies haunt the tunnels of the old abandoned gold mine when the rest of us have figured out very early on that the weirdness of it all is in fact due to a gone in thirty seconds stolen car racket sending repainted limos down to Mexico that’s being run by none other than Mister Beasley, the guy from the gas station.

No siree Bob! – these special people are where they are because They want to keep Us down.

These imaginative folk are commonly known as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and even more commonly known as ‘nut jobs.’

Now, sometimes there really are conspiracies.

People do indeed get into conflict with others and people have the instinct to be suspicious of their neighbours.

People have been planning to do nasty things to other people in secret since the local Homo Erectus population first noticed the first Homo Rudolfensis migrating into their part of Africa; disdaining their soft furnishings, making snippy comments about Joan Crawford and Betty Davis and singing Sunrise and Two Little Boys at all hours of the day or night. There goes the neighbourhood.

And they are both extinct, which only goes to show.

So it’s not like everything is always sweet; far from it.

There are lots of conspiracy theorists on the internet and most, I think, are harmless.

Most conspiracy theorists don’t get leave their sheds or their mother’s spare rooms and get off the internet long enough to do any harm. Some spend a lot of time harassing public officials with descriptions of their perpetual-motion machines and write in coloured ink to their MPs. And some kill hundreds of millions of people.

The trouble is that the really big crimes; the most awful tyrannies and the genocides aren’t secret at all.

Great evil advertises itself.

You only have to read Das Kapital , Mein Kampf, or the head-hacking, Jew-baiting and prisoner of war slaughtering parts of the Koran, Sura, and Hadith to realize that history might not end up all hugs and puppies.

In most cases, all you have to do is listen or read, and to draw some pretty obvious conclusions.

So, sometimes, it’s not necessary to look for the Secret Masters – they are doing vile things up front and personal and by the million because History Blood or God is told them to do it.

But sometimes…Sometimes the grumpy old man with the beard living in exile in Neauphle-le-Château turns out to have been the future creator of a theocracy so vile that it executes rape victims and homosexuals just for being what they are and which loudly proclaims the possible sudden demise of Israel in a flash of light as it pursues a nuclear industry it does not need.

So it’s not such a bad idea perhaps to keep and eye on such people as him, and that’s what this page is for – to look at freedom’s enemies as they grumble and sulk and threaten such things - what they are, yet they know not: but they shall be the terrors of the earth – and see what they are up to.

Stalin’s purges, the Holocaust, Mao’s scores of millions dead, Pol Pot, 9/11 – all began with people getting together to do something about people and institutions they hated.

Conspiracy theory has a reverse side, and it can be just as evil in its effects as secret collusion – it is denial.

And then there are those – freedom-haters or fools – who will not see evil; who will not recognise its natures or origins, and who will falsify reality and create straw men to attack instead of the source of the evil and its constitution, or who will excuse it or belittle it. Out of, perhaps, fear of the consequences of confronting evil - as the inter-war appeasers did - or perhaps because of their dislike of the countries or governments of the victims or intended targets of evil, such as the 9/11 Truthers or the Western ‘Peace Movement’ in the 1980s and those who deny any religious element to jihadist terrorism, deniers will ignore, disguise, even applaud the crimes and intentions of freedom-haters and those who threaten our country.

It’s hard to defend ourselves against a threat that the authorities’ intellectual cheerleaders describe as ‘justice’ or 'coincidence' or 'militancy.'

We’re going to look at such people here, too.

And conspiracy theories, in small amounts can be fun. we can all do with a laugh from time to time.

So settle down and adjust your Bacofoil balaclava, polish that crucifix and sip your unfluoridated water as we enter together the dark and gaudy world of the conspiracy theorists and deniers; marvel and gasp in fear as hordes of ginger-haired, left-handed Jewish homosexual Freemasons stalk our once-fair country: sweeping all before them in an irresistible tide of garish tattoos and well toned hard-muscles moving under attractively oiled skin that almost hides their scales; souring our milk; making our livestock grow up two-headed; polluting our mossy slopes and befouling our most secret nooks as they menace our most precious bodily juices…


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  1. You're absolutely right! The world would be better off minding thier own business and working hard to make themselves better people rather than uniting up against what everyone else is just so they can feel like a part of something. Revolutions are seldom needed, but when they are, we should want them for the right reasons.


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