Thursday 5 February 2009


There are lots of you and only one of me and I can't read about everything and so if you have an idea about campaign or a site or an organisation that ought to be featured here, please leave your ideas with links in the comments section of this post.


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  1. I am helping my friends and colleagues with their campaign against the Defence Training Review. The latest info can be found in this link. If you want me to summarise the key points I will try...

  2. Hi Cherry Pie.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I think I will get this one into defence of the realm as a national security issue. As I said in the introductory pages, CAN isn't for trades and employment campaigns as such - worthy though they may be - but freedom and patriotism aren't all about Tory shires and suburban man and I think there's an angle here I'd like to follow.
    Speak for England, Arthur, and all that.

    Plus I'd like to help you personally as you've been so kind about my blogging.

    Could you please send me either a link to a national security article about the campaigns or show me to a small introduction to the issue that stresses the defence side of it? That would save me writing one up and getting it wrong?


  3. John Prescott (I know, but I happen to agree with him on this one).

    Petition and facebook site to stop mega bonuses being paid to bank employees.



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