Saturday 24 January 2009


The European Union: how did we get here from the European Economic Community? What is it doing to our country’s traditional freedoms? Where is it heading – and taking us with it? If you’re concerned about Britain in Europe, here’s the low-down on the high-ups, and here are links to people who discuss vive la difference with savoir-faire: sage folk who know their onions about who is stuffing what into where…

European blogs that scrutinise the EU's activities are here.

There is also the United Kingdom Independence Party which campaigns for the UK to leave the EU altogether. Its site is here. Like all other parties, I do not necessarily endorse it policies or candidates, but UKIP definitely speaks of Britain's traditional freedoms fervently.

Better Off Out. Freedom Association campaign to withdraw the UK from the European Union. No messing. Straight campaign; full of facts and information about our European partners and why the Freedom Association thinks that our ways should part. Its site is here.

The Irish people held a referendum on whether to agree to the Lisbon Treaty. They voted against it. Someone else thinks that they got it wrong, and they're going to give them a chance to get it right. If you feel strongly enough about it, there's a petition to ask their President to treat a second vote as unconstitutional or undemocratic. The petition is here.


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