Saturday 24 January 2009


Here are discussed and listed the kinds of beliefs and believers who, acting for a number of motives and in many different ways have changed Britain, and who continue to make our lives less happy, less free, and less like the homeland our ancestors bequeathed to us.

We are not governed as well as once we were, and it does not feel too good, to say the least.

In The Triumph of the Political Class, journalist and political writer Peter Osborne explains why the institutions of government and their practises have become a little...odd, over the past fifteen years or so. A summary is here.


Charity begins at home, right?

To give is better than to receive; true or false?

Charitable work and supporting good works are amongst the moral pinnacles of our civilisation and so it seems churlish to doubt the motives, antecedents, supporters and plans of registered charities, doesn't it? But are all charities what they seem to be? Are their good works truly good? And is all the money given freely? Keep an eye on the collection plate and check out who goes home with the donations box right here.


Some people seem to think that political Islam poses some kind of cultural and security threat to our country and the West in general.
The Anti-Islamist Coalition publicises the political, military and cultural effects which the religion of Peace is having on our civilisation. Read about their work here.



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