Thursday 12 February 2009


There is a realm containing all living things that surrounds all living beings and binds the world together.

It is the environment.

Mankind’s activities do cause harm, and Britain has a long history of cleaning up the mess we have made, such as the Clean Air Act and acts of preservation such as the National Trust. But is all the news bad, and is all the bad news true? Look in this page for people concerned with both the dark side and the light side of the environment.

Man-made climate change - formerly known as 'Global Warming' is continually advertised, discussed, and set at the centre of an international campaign to combat the supposed menace of anthropogenic climate change.
But the science is not fixed and permanent and uncontroversial.
Far from it.
Here are some free voices who do not hold that the sky is falling.

A list from Google of those who stand up against the political consensus on the science of ACC is here.

A Wikipedia list of scientists who dissent from the consensus is here.

A personal blog of ACC open-mindedness with many useful articles and links is here.

From Number Watch, a complete list of things caused by Global Warming.


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