Saturday 24 January 2009


What’s going on in the world of freedom and British life and tradition and when and where you might choose to do some good.

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16 February.

Short notice I know for an event.

I quote straight from Old Holborn’s site:

Following on from the outrageous news that we are no longer to be allowed to photograph the Stasi beating us up, punishable by up to ten years in prison, there is to be an "event" on Monday 16th February at New Scotland Yard, Broadway, Westminster, London, Britistan between 11am- Noon. Further details will follow.

Mark Thomas will also be there. Whoever he is

I will be wandering my merry way down there to exercise my soon to be abolished right to take a photograph in public. You'll recognise me. I shall be dressed as I normally am on such occasions.

Drinkies afterwards

28 February. Here’s a massive, nationwide bash in favour of freedom. Called Modern Liberty, it’s a huge festival of events, debates and speakers from around the UK.

Heavyweight hitters from across the nation and from (almost) all parts of the political spectrum meet in our major cities and online to discuss all manner of freedom-related topics. Read about it here, and read about it soon. Because it’s a free country. Just about.


3 April.

Here's an education petition supporting home schooling against compulsory state education.
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to to remind his government that parents must remain responsible in law for ensuring the welfare and education of their children and that the state should not seek to appropriate these responsibilities."
I don't know whether I approve of home schooling or not, but this petition is definitely in favour of freedom of choice, and what we learned - or failed to learn - in state schools did not always stand us in good stead.
If you think that parents might just know what's best for their children, then why not look at the petition here and decide for yourself?


Deadline to sign up fro Media Watch UK's Ten Downing Street petition agaisnt swearing in entertainment is 20 May 2009. See petition here.


15 June 'cc all your emails to Jacqui Smith Day'

Sue, who appears to be Jacqui Smith’s smallest fan, points out that our esteemed Home Secretary plans to, well, here’s what the Facebook site says…

28 June.

And here’s the biggie of the year. If you believe that country and freedom can be served well by a general election, then Sue points out there’s a Number Ten Downing Street website petition to call for Mister Brown to go to the polls. There’s a deadline to sign up by: 27 June 2009 , and at the time of posting there were 917 signatures: 917.

The deadline’s in our calendar here now, too. it’ll repeat every Saturday until the 27th June.


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