Wednesday 28 January 2009


EU referendum blog. Thorough, informative, well-researched, non-partisan blog established to compel a referendum on EU treaties, it now covers in great detail (and I would say authoritativeness) all EU matters and especially how the EU effects our whole political life and related issues such as how the EU is now active in promoting global measures to deal with so-called man-made climate change. The Times and Telegraph of EU scrutineers.

Not a blog, but serious purveyors of educational materials about the EU...
Civitas. The Institute for the Study of Civil Society. They provide solutions for social problems, especially in educational excellence in a wide range of academic studies and through offering educational advice, speakers and materials for schools, particularly about the European Union, and provide factual information, advice, analysis and debate. They also help rescue schools and have established a model school of their own. Welfare and moral reformers: they seek and provide answers to problems that beset our society today. Real spirit of Wilberforce stuff.
Read about them here.

Roots. "Reclaim Europe for the people. A grassroots movement to reclaim Europe: for individual rights, a free-market economy and limited government at the peoples' pleasure."
Britain is only one part of the civilised West, and here is a blog that really celebrates our varied common cultural roots - and which roots for freedom amongst our neighbours on the Continent.
Read about them here.

EURSOC.Hard news and mostly Eurosceptic commentary searching for the truth behind the headlines - and the truth that doesn't make it into the news at all from this punchy, no-nonsense new blog. Domestic cultural and political issues deal with in the same, forthright and pacy manner.
Read it here.

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