Tuesday 27 January 2009

Alas: Smith and Phones

The government has unveiled plans for a private company to run a "superdatabase" that will track all our emails, calls, texts, internet use and so on. This is an immense infringement of civil liberties, not to mention a major risk to our private data - but it won't make us any safer. The sheer amount of information that the Government intends to collect will be impossible to analyse properly and will undoubtedly turn up false positives while missing potential security threats amongst the morass of spam emails and private chat.

So, for one day, we should send a message to the Home Office - "you want to see our emails? Ok then, here they are then!".

Here’s the link to the Facebook page that’s going to give her just what she wants…

Facebook group declares 15 June 'cc all your emails to Jacqui Smith Day'


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  1. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/GoToCountryNow/

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to call a general election

    Submitted by Keith Jones of Taxpaying Pensioner without political affiliation –

    Deadline to sign up by: 27 June 2009 – Signatures: 899

    The last two local elections have shown that the people are no longer prepared to tolerate Nu-Labour without a mandate. Gordon Brown is a spent force and MUST now immediately go to the country - anything less will be be outright political fraud and maintenance of their expensive troughing lifestyles at all cost.

    The trouble with Petitions on No 10 is unless they have a huge amount of signatures on them, they are often ignored.

    It's really difficult to get them to accept one up there too if the wording has been used before.

    If we can get this one publicised quickly we have time to gather momentum as we have until June!


  2. Thanks Sue- I'll post it tonight.

    Great stuff and pretty central to all our troubles..

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