Saturday 24 January 2009


Pretty much what it says on the lid - for campaigns with still a few weeks to go such as ones leading up to demonstrations, readings of bills in Parliament, scrutiny in the Lords, heading toward anniversaries, etc.
Calendar here if you need to know where and when.

All in all, a chance for freedom-lovers and patriots to make a difference with a quickish time-scale but still plenty to do in that time to influence the decision-makers, alert the press, organise petitions, and so on.

28 February.

Here’s a massive, nationwide bash in favour of freedom. Called Modern Liberty, it’s a huge festival of events, debates and speakers from around the UK.

Heavyweight hitters from across the nation and from (almost) all parts of the political spectrum meet in our major cities and online to discuss all manner of freedom-related topics. Read about it here, an dread about it soon. Because it’s a free country. Just about.

And here’s the biggie of the year. If you believe that country and freedom can be served well by a general election, then Sue points out there’s a Number Ten Downing Street website petition to call for Mister Brown to go to the polls. There’s a deadline to sign up by: 27 June 2009 , and at the time of posting there were 917 signatures: 917.

The deadline’s in our calendar here now, too. it’ll repeat every Saturday until the 27th June.

Thieves fall out. Having been one prong in the inflationary housing bubble fork that’s just forked Britain, New Labour– in the genial person of John Prescott is seeking s fourth term in office for his party.

However, he’s hoping to do it partly by helping people concentrate on the big banks that went along with the government’s highly taxable milch-cow of the housing boom and helped so many people get in hock when reality came a-calling. Now he’s advertising an online campaign to prevent the banks paying part of our bail-out taxes in bonuses.

Mister Prescott’s page is here – note that there are some very interesting comments on it from people who have other, less grand ideas about how to deal with the credit crunch – I recommend that you all read it before the comments are deleted, and the link to his Facebook anti-bonus page is here. Why not take a look and see Labour scramble like rats in a barrel to point the finger at their erstwhile tax pumps.

Thanks to Sue for pointing this one out


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