Wednesday 28 January 2009


However important national institutions and customs are, we all live locally. Here's where people seek who freedom and other traditional British virtues such as tolerance and neighbourliness, try to keep it easy for us all to get along.

The Centre for Social Cohesion studies our society and seeks ways to make it easier for us all to live peaceably and under the law in this country. It looks especially at religious and ethnic communities with special emphasis on 'the human rights issues surrounding extremism, radicalisation and religious separatism.'

Here's where it is: Ground Zero for those who want to move forward and away from the radical violence of recent years. Read about it here.

Civitas. The Institute for the Study of Civil Society. They provide solutions for social problems, especially in educational excellence in a wide range of academic studies and through offering educational advice, speakers and materials for schools, particularly about the European Union, and provide factual information, advice, analysis and debate. They also help rescue schools and have established a model school of their own. Welfare and moral reformers: they seek and provide answers to problems that beset our society today. Real spirit of Wilberforce stuff.
Read about them here.


Some people seem to think that political Islam poses some kind of cultural and security threat to our country and the West in general.
The Anti-Islamist Coalition publicises the political, military and cultural effects which the religion of Peace is having on our civilisation. Read about their work here.



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