Saturday 24 January 2009


Freedom of speech and expression is one of most valuable rights – and a right that over-mighty government seems keenest to erode, constrain, weaken and replace with propaganda or silence.
Here we look at the people and institutions that threaten freedom of expression by direct interference or by subtler subversion, and the people who protect this, perhaps our finest national treasure.

Big Brother and Freedom of Speech petition: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop the proposed legislation requiring Facebook to monitor users' contacts."

Does political Islam pose some kind of cultural and security threat to our country? Read the Anti-Islamist Coalition.

Index on Censorship. Left-leaning anti-censorship campaigning site.

Geert Wilders - freedom of speech hero, victim, and villain?

Defend Geert Wilders. Support the world's second most prescribed living human being, after Salman Rushdie.

Mediawatch UK wants restraint in the use freedom of expression and some censorship on the grounds of morality.
They have an anti-swearing petition right here.


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