Friday 23 January 2009

How to use CAN

Here's how to use the blog.

At the right-hand side are links menus which allow you to find specific kinds of stuff.

The top one menu: ‘All About CAN,’ links to pages that explain the blog itself (like this one.)

There’s a home link in each page that’ll get you back to the main page ‘ABOUT THIS SITE.’

The second menu, ‘Themes and Topics’ takes you to main blog pages that act to introduce topics and list links to articles, groups, and other sites where you can discover campaign about freedom and the British way of life in particular subject areas such as education or defence.

Most pages have two links at the bottom – ‘Home’ which will bring you back to the main page again, or one entitled ‘How to find stuff in Citizens and Neighbours’ which will bring you back to this very page.

The third menu, ‘Resources and People’ links to main pages which list, well, the tools of freedom and democracy; media and organisation contacts, politician s and how to find them, and articles on particular subjects intended to inspire or to warn.

The fourth menu, ‘Labels,’ refers to labels which are at the bottom of each blog page which list themes or types of subject, names of campaigns or issues, and even place names and peoples’ names. Scroll down this alphabetical list to and click on one to generate a reverse-chronological order list of pages about or containing a topic or name, such as ‘terrorism’ or ‘Europe.’

Use the labels list to find events in particular county/metropolitan areas. For wider searches by geography, search under the following labels: national, Europe, global.

The most recent post will always show at the top of the blog when you first browse to it from elsewhere.


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