Saturday 24 January 2009


Pretty much the same pattern of family life has prevailed amongst the common people of Britain from the mediaeval period onward: the nuclear family of two married parents and their shared children and only occasionally other permanently cohabiting relatives. It’s a very successful institution which produces and protects children and offers companionship and security for adults.

So it’s obvious that those who seek to change our way of life have to attack marriage and family with all their strength.

Even if a marriage is broken, why should a childhood be shattered?

Families Need Fathers campaigns for the rights of children to have proper contact with both parents after separation and divorce.

They campaign on behalf of the children of broken marriages and make representations to government to reform law and legal practice to help children stay in touch with their families.

FNF also supplies materials and other support to absent parents to help them continue to be active and involved parent. These are leading participants in the struggle to keep childrens’ family lives as good as can be achieved.

Read about them here.

The Families and Social Services Information Team.
"Fassit was founded in 2005. A non-governmental voluntary organisation independent of Local Authority Social Services Departments. Fassit provides a website containing information and advice for families with children experiencing frustration in working with Social Services in Child protection Proceedings."
It campaigns to keep children at home with their families whenever possible despite what they see as the false disapproval or victimization of the Social Services. Read it here.

No 2 Abuse covers genuine cases of abuse, but also campaigns against that zealotry in the State's child welfare bureaucracy, including forced adoption.
Read it here.

FORCED ADOPTION concentrates wholly on the one aspect of Social Services excesses and the secrecy of the family courts that sometimes nurture them.
A personal crusade by a lone campaigner, it brings together the political, legislative, ideological and human mess that our government seem to be failing to mend. Read it here.

Here's our post on the Edinburgh 'gay adoption' row - which has very serious implications for the family in this country and seems to be a prime facia case of the over-mighty state attacking on of our most important institutions.


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