Wednesday 18 February 2009


Who shall guard against the guardians? If our rulers are over mighty and we watch them, then who is looking sceptically at those of us who watch them- and the mighty ones themselves?
Here I list the sceptics, the doubters, the contrarians in our ranks - and those who try to keep us on the strait and narrow.
It's not always comfortable having troublemakers on board; those who snipe at our dearest-held prejudices and who doubt our established positions, but someone needs to keep us awake.
And wasn't Churchill, the greatest conspiracy theorist and troublemaker of recent times, also the best our nation could produce?

Number watch. Sceptical, cynical, scientific; unwilling to accept 87% of all statistics and utterly unwilling to take the Mighty's word for it until it's as close to proven as senses and reason can achieve. Also lists the absurd laws that govern the cock-up theory of life here. Main page/menu here.


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