Sunday 9 August 2009

Supergrass: Breakfast in America

Mark Steyn; praise him! Praise him! Praise his blessed name! points out that the White House , ie President Obama, is asking American Citizens to report anybody who says anything dodgy ( read 'critical') about the nationalisation of healthcare to the White House.

Get that? The head of government of a nuclear-armed nation wants freeborn American citizens to report on other freeborn American citizens for saying things about government policy that the self-same government doesn't believe to be true.

Now, I would never, under any circumstances, want to to interfere with the internal politics of a friendly, sovereign nation, and I don't mean to start now.

However, if they want untrue things reporting to the State, what harm could it do to give them TRUE information about, for example, actual socialized medicine here in Britain, plus other delightful aspects of the Welfare State which the Democrats so openly and flatteringly admire, who better to put them right than us Brits?.

Obviously, the American State might find it a bit more difficult or time-consuming to sort out and investigate freeborn American citizens who have been saying untrue things about socialized medicine's bright American future, but surely it's a small price to pay for putting them right?

The email address is:

Thanks for all the Liberty Ships and Shermans and tyres and GIs and Polaris and NATO and Desert Storm and Sat Nav guys.

This one's for you.


  1. An American NHS? Now that is expensive!

  2. "Have you, or are you now being critical of American Healthcare?"


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  4. There's a way of making an American NHS very cheap.
    Only offer it to people with a BMI of 25 or under...

  5. Funny. What makes us think he (and others) simply doesn't want to hear opposing views to better tailor healthcare for everyone? I mean other views unlike sarah "duh" palin and company who already have access to great healthcare and a lot of money. Neither of which i have though i am healthy and able. oh and happy with or with neo-cons nor tea-pattyers.


  6. by the way spelling neighbo(u)rs that way is considered marxist/leninist where i come from.
    i kid. too much?

  7. But seriously, shouldn't we all be trying to construct a system to provide for the least amount of pain and suffering for everyone, specifically children who have no ability to choose? Not just tearing down attempts at such? Or elderally or handicapped etc?


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