Saturday 28 February 2009

Today's the day: Modern Liberty

Modern Liberty is happening today nationwide.

I don't know what's going to come of it but it is a major event aimed at protecting and promoting freedom in the UKGB.

Some famous names from Right and Left alike are about to duke it out in cities all over the country and on-line - about which more here.


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  1. Not a sausage in the news, bastards. Bar Straw saying how free all his Muslim voters are. I hope this is a successful day for all concerned.

  2. I've watched some of it, but it's another Leftist hoax. I.e. people advocating liberty while pursuing policies (all idealistically motivated of course) that lead directly to the opposite. Misguided pinheads to a man!

  3. Both comments gratefully received and displayed with pride here to an eagerly waiting world...

    Keep 'em coming, comrades. Share the pain and the anger. And remember: we have nothing to lose but our chains, our jobs, our homes, our countries, our fundamental rights, our families, our cultures and our fortunes and sacred honours.



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