Saturday 24 January 2009


Does our government treat Britain’s friends and neighbours well? Are our interests as British subjects being upheld as our diplomats negotiate with the outside world? Does the financial help offered on our behalf to other countries do the job it’s intended to and are we helping the right people in the right ways?
Here’s what some people think.

It gets worse.
The heirs of Churchill and Atlee have decided that the legally elected Dutch MP Geert Wilders may not enter our country for fear that 'his words' will cause violence.
Something tells me it won't be any Dutchman causing violence when Fitna is shown.
It gets better.
There is a central blog for those who would support him, support freedom of speech, and freedom in general against the Islamist intimidation here.

The Irish people held a referendum on whether to agree to the Lisbon Treaty. They voted against it. Someone else thinks that they got it wrong, and they're going to give them a chance to get it right. If you feel strongly enough about it, there's a petition to ask their President to treat a second vote as unconstitutional or undemocratic. The petition is here.

Someone thinks that Hamas is in the wrong using children and women as shields to hide behind, and is acting in a criminal manner in fighting in civilian clothing and Israeli uniforms. They also object to the widespread theft of civilian property and resources to wage war. Someone is petitioning the UN Secretary General to pronounce Hamas' leaders as war criminals. The petition is here.

Some people seem to think that political Islam poses some kind of cultural and security threat to our country and the West in general.
The Anti-Islamist Coalition publicises the political, military and cultural effects which the religion of Peace is having on our civilisation. Read about their work here.



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