Saturday 24 January 2009


Britain has long been a place of refuge for the persecuted of Europe and elsewhere; much to the profit of natives and newcomers alike as unfamiliar skills, crafts and culture were imported onto our islands to flourish and improve many areas of life.
Nothing is perfect and something - it is argued - has gone wrong with the way we deal with newcomers. A touchy subject for many given the bad name that nationhood was given after the evil events during the Second World War. But here we all are living in these islands. The very concepts of patriotism and nationhood are under constant attack, and this issue above all others is the one that the enemies of freedom use to close down debate and to deflect criticism of their activities by defamation.

Here we link to campaigns about nationhood and immigration.

The Centre for Social Cohesion studies our society and seeks ways to make it easier for us all to live peaceably and under the law in this country. It looks especially at religious and ethnic communities with special emphasis on 'the human rights issues surrounding extremism, radicalisation and religious separatism.'

Migration Watch UK watches migration, and makes recommendations about it.


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