Saturday 24 January 2009


Freedom and a happy life in general require material things to be meaningful and money is the oil that greases the wheels of our life. Property rights are the most fundamental of human rights because they are the rules by which we know how we can relate to the physical world. Under attack for all of human history by freedom’s deadliest enemies, property rights have been central to the cultural wars that threaten our home and way of life.
Property rights have their defenders, too.

Consultation here to encourage local government to show how much of our taxes are paid to top public officials.

Didn't like the 2009 Budget? The Libertarian Party has a campaign to help you get shirty with the Chancellor and tell him why not.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Is it a charity? Is it a quango? Is it HM Government in disguise? Does it promote party interests above national interests? Does your money go to fund its work without bothering to ask you first?
Read Fake charities.


How to find stuff in Citizens and Neighbours.

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